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The Free Agent- How We Provide Value to Our Experts

Most of our “Free Agents” have run entire organizations for Fortune 1000 companies, been highly specialized executives, serial entrepreneurs, career consultants, or recently exited and are looking to share their rich experience with companies that need them most.  Our company is focused 100% on empowering the gig economy because we thoroughly understand it and love the advantages it brings to companies looking to harness its power.

The Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) we partner with already understand the importance and advantages of the gig economy. The gig economy is all about offering a service, networking, business development, and sales. Our business model and platform is built around this understanding and need. The Free Agent’s apply to join our ranks, and after completing our vetting process, join an organization that is fully focused on keeping their engagement funnel full, allowing them to concentrate on the project at hand. The Free Agent can ultimately be thought of as sales enablement platform for our executive-level SME’s.  

We are different from other companies in that our Free Agents are encouraged to find opportunities that best fit their unique skill-set, be that within our network our out.  Additionally, every engagement is ”co-sold” with our Free Agents, ensuring they get our full support working on SOW’s, proposals, and anything else needed to make their engagement a success. We want our Free Agents to be successful; after all, their business is our business.

About the Free Agent- The Free Agent utilizes a vetted bench of battle-tested experts that work directly with companies in hyper-growth. Simply put, we provide the right strategic experts at precisely the right time in order to accelerate results.  If you are interested in learning more, or joining our vetted and curated platform, please do not hesitate to reach out:  We live and breathe the gig economy and are always interested in beginning a dialogue.

Article by:
Beau Billington- the founder of the Free Agent, a consulting company immersed in the strategic-layer of the Gig Economy-

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