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We don’t place people, we cultivate relationships between the best experts in the world and the fast-growing companies that need them, ultimately decreasing the distance between the two. We exclusively work with top-tier personnel and deliver real results because that’s the way it should be.

The Free Agent is a closed network of executive-level professionals

We put you in the right place at the right time

Our flexible model helps seasoned professionals like you fill interim, fractional, or full-time openings, fast.

The majority of the organizations in our network are technology companies with revenues ranging from 10-200M in need of access to vetted top-tier talent to ensure no loss of momentum.

We look for backgrounds across technology, sales, marketing, strategy, finance, and operations focused on the strategic layer of an organization, versus tactical.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You apply for membership, go through our vetting process, and then create a member profile upon approval.

We have a myriad of leadership roles, ranging from Sales, Marketing, Technology, Strategy, Operations, and Finance.  Our roles fall into one of three categories- full-time, interim, and fractional.

We work with our agents to secure work with our hiring customers and take care of all the back office support that is needed, including billing, payment, etc…Our customers pay us and then we pay the consultant, taking a small mark-up off the top. 

Payment on contract workers is due on the 1st and 15th of each month and the free agent will pay the contractor within 3 days of receiving payment from the client. 

This is no problem and very standard- ultimately our goal is to serve both parties (e.g. consultants and customers) so are happy to work through any scenario that arises.

Absolutely not- we have a multitude of workers that are interested in working on their time table and the obligation is ultimately up to our client and the contractor to determine what works best for each party. We have contractors working 40 hours and many that are working 10, 20, and even 30 hours.

We see a myriad of periods with month-to-month and 6 months being our two most popular. Ultimately the contract period is open and dependant on our clients needs and contractors availability.

This depends on your specific skill-set and niche.  This can range from being a short process, taking a matter of weeks, to a more long term process depending on how scare or abundant your skillset is.