Pricing Structure

We don’t simply place people; we cultivate relationships. As a result, we deliver only the very best executive consultants in to fast-growing companies.

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Self Service

FREE Normally 8%*
  • 8% Mark-Up on Hourly Rate for Contract hires
  • 8% Commission on Direct Placement Hire
  • Self-Service Model- working directly I the exchange with our vetted talent pool

Premium Service

20% Per Successful Hire
  • 20% Mark-Up on Hourly Rate for Contract hires
  • 20% Commission on Direct Placement Hire
  • 100 Day Guarantee*
  • Dedicated Recruiter, actively curating candidate pool from inside and outside of our exchange
  • 3-5 Vetted candidates per position
  • Standard pronged vetting process and standard candidate brief

Platinum Service

25-35% Per Successful Hire
  • 25-35% Commission on Direct Placement Hire +
  • 240 Day Guarantee *
  • Dedicated Recruiter, actively curating candidate pool from inside and outside of our exchange
  • 3-5 Vetted candidates per position
  • 1 In-person and/or video interview per candidate
  • 3 Vetting sessions with an industry peer analysis

A 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Our pricing model means you ONLY pay on successful hire and our Premium Plans come with FREE replacement should someone not work out

I now get excited when The Free Agent submits a candidate because I know it’s someone we’ll strongly consider for the position.

“Working with The Free Agent has been an excellent experience. They take time to understand your businesses, so they can identify candidates that not only deliver, but also align with your culture and business values. Unlike other firms we’ve worked with, The Free Agent screens and fully vets candidates before recommending them.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Self-service simply means you are using our platform to interact with our curated candidates, posting your own positions, and managing the candidate funnel and overall process.

The guarantee period is the period of time in which we guarantee the relationship you have with a candidate that is converted to a resource. If the individual does not fulfill their obligations and or leaves within the grace period, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost

Payment on contract workers is due on the 1st and 15th of each month and the free agent will pay the contractor within 3 days of receiving payment from the client. Payment on the fultime side of the house is due 30 days after invoice, which is typically 30 days after the start of work

This is no problem and very standard- we prorate the aforementioned fees over a 6 month period and payment due for rolling permanent is the difference upon the amount that was already received.

Absolutely not- we have a multitude of workers that are interested in working on their time table and the obligation is ultimately up to our client and the contractor to determine what works best for each party. We have contractors working 40 hours and many that are working 10, 20, and even 30 hours.

We see a myriad of periods with month-to-month and 6 months being our two most popular. Ultimately the contract period is open and dependant on our clients needs and contractors availability

This depends on the actual need, but generally within 1-2 weeks we will begin funneling vetted candidates for your review and approval.

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