The Free Agent

The Free Agent is a closed network of executive-level professionals 

We make more than just connections

We are not your typical consulting company composed of the same old players.

We don’t place people, we cultivate relationships between the best experts in the world and the fast-growing companies that need them, ultimately decreasing the distance between the two. We exclusively work with top-tier personnel and deliver real results because that’s the way it should be.

meet the free agent

Advisory Board

While each and every Free Agent goes through a vetting process, with our Platinum Package you will get hands on interviewing and peer analysis from a member of our board in their specialised field to help you find a truly incredible team member.

Roe Hitcock

Finance / Operations

Harvard educated CFO with 27 + years of diverse experience in all facets of start-up, development stage, growth (organic and M&A) and mature businesses up to $3.75B in Revenue

Ed Devine

Sales & Marketing

A seasoned sales executive with a keen focus in the technology sector, specializing in Turnarounds, Business Development and Sales Operations.

Ryan McGuire

Customer Engagement

Customer Centricity/Engagement expert with 20+ years experience, helping companies become more relevant to their customer, driving customer loyalty/retention

Meet the founder

I built The Free Agent with one goal in mind:

“To become the trusted advisor for businesses experiencing inertia and hyper growth.”

There was a void in the marketplace

Some words from our founder…

The majority of consulting companies exclusively cater to the needs of the Fortune 500, almost entirely ignoring smaller businesses until they reach a certain size, but these smaller businesses are often the most dynamic enterprises with the most potential – meaning they’re in the position to benefit most from exceptional expert help.

The Free Agent is designed to disrupt the consulting space by offering these dynamic enterprises a unique, exclusive operation that gets in and gets the job done without the bureaucratic burden that hampers so many other traditional consultancies.”

I spent over 14 years in enterprise-level software sales and was exposed to high-level talent by working alongside companies such as Apple, AT&T, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and more, and through those experiences I learned how shockingly inefficient traditional strategic consulting is.

Come experience the power of a whole new world of strategic consulting. We’ve built a network of the best executives in the world who love partnering with businesses like yours to bring about real change in short amounts of times, and we’re ready to get moving as soon as you are.”

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