Leadership Recruitment for Series A/B/C and PE Firms

Trusted talent

Sales, Marketing, Technology, Product, and Finance Leadership

for hypergrowth companies


Meet and exceed growth initiatives with a seasoned EVP of Sales (CRO) that can assist with strategy, operations, and execution. Sample projects could include:


Overcome marketing challenges with executive-level experts that can provide global support, project oversight, and even help roll out new campaigns and initiatives.


Overcome technology challenges with CIO/CTO/CISO talent to help bridge gaps, provide project oversight, and architect as needed.


Help validate and realize your company’s strategic vision through the use of product experts with deep and demonstrable product experience. Overcome technology challenges with CIO/CTO talent to help bridge gaps, provide project oversight, and architect as needed. 


Parachute in a CFO or “Super Controller”, pre or post acquisition, to help ensure clean financials by enhancing the finance and accounting function(s) for a PE firm or other acquirer.

We are industry agnostic…

We look for backgrounds across technology, sales, marketing, product, and finance focused on the strategic layer of an organization, versus sheerly tactical.

The majority of the organizations in our network are technology companies with revenues ranging from 10-200M in need of access to vetted top-tier talent to ensure no loss of momentum. That’s why the majority of our candidates have Fortune 2000 experience and compensation in excess of $250k, running and managing a team of at least 10+ employees.

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