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We help hyper-growth technology companies fill Interim, Fractional, and Full-time Leadership roles in the following disciplines…


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We help companies meet and exceed growth initiatives by bringing on a seasoned EVP of Sales (CRO) that can assist with strategy, operations, and execution. We can get much deeper as well, assisting with value prop discovery, prospecting, territory alignment, compensation creation, competitive intelligence, etc…Ultimately we are here to help you hit your number.
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We help companies overcome marketing challenges by bringing on executive- level marketers that can provide global support, project oversight, and even help rollout new campaigns and initiatives. Our network has a multitude of skillsets ranging from branding and CRM to customer experience and Omni-Channel strategy, allowing us to meet you where needed.
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We help companies overcome technology challenges by bringing on CIO/CTO talent to help bridge gaps, provide project oversight, and can even provide architect-level and lower as needed. With a keen focus on digital transformation, we can bring on the right people in a matter of weeks to ensure your project closes as planned.
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Our Free Agents are dynamic growth experts

Exemplary individuals are hard to find. Our candidates are only the best and most rigorously-vetted experts.

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We look for backgrounds across technology, sales, and marketing, focused on the strategic layer of an organization, versus tactical.

Better people, better jobs

Save time and money by not waiting on consulting partners to “staff up” for a project or engagement. Go straight to the source,  expanding or reducing your talent engagement as needed.

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We work with you to understand your precise challenge.

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We leverage our vetted and curated network of experts.

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We create a short list of candidates who best meet your needs.

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You interview and choose your favorite.

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If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you would benefit from being part of our Free Agent Community.

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