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We recruit strategic leaders for Full-time, Interim, and Fractional roles across the Sales, Marketing, Technology, and Product silos

Vetted through our proven method so you get People who can make your growth journey extraordinary.

Mis-fit hires.
They look great on paper...

They may even be perfect for another type of team, but once they’re in the mix and friction starts, the costs can be devastating – putting your brand or product at risk, delaying meeting your goals, and even pushing great team members away.

The clues of a mis-fit hire can be nuanced and easily missed if sizing up talent isn’t what you do all day every day. 

Culture fit and network integrity are core drivers of our matching approach, ensuring experience, wisdom, diversity and creativity that align with our clients’ teams and their strategic goals.

$ 0
Potential cost of recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new employee1
0 %
The percentage of a hire’s annual salary it costs a company should the relationship go south2


1. According to Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans, an employer branding agency in London –

2. According to the U.S. Department of Labor

We curate top tier leaders with proven track records of driving revenue and increasing profitability--and guarantee they’ll be a great fit for your team and goals.*

*Free replacement should someone not work out

Two ways to engage the best talent for your organization:


The On-Demand
Free Agent Exchange 

A self-service platform. Manage your positions with our vetted talent.

Best for companies with revenues under $30m, or those not quite sure if they need a full-time executive or contract work.


Talent Search

We actively recruit and curate a candidate pool from inside and outside our exchange–all direct touch, no ads.

Our Free Agents are dynamic growth experts

Through our proven methodology, we connect you with top leaders in their fields to help you meet your precise challenge.

Fortune 2000




10+ Employees


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Beau’s team does what no other recruiting firm does: They find people who really “click” with our team and our organization.

There are plenty of smart people who can get the job done–but The Free Agent finds the ones who make tackling our challenges enjoyable and positive, and everyone is better for it.

Leader of technology SaaS startup, $20m+
Fractional CRO- Helping a budding AppDev firm uncover its gaps

I can’t thank you enough for connecting us with (Name Omitted). He has helped me so much with big picture stuff and blind spots that I have. I am very grateful.

CRO Testimonial
CEO- Application Development Firm
In the recruiting and talent acquisition space you will not find a better partner.

“I have worked with Beau for several years now as both a candidate and a hiring manager and his dedication and attention to detail and skill set is unmatched. In the recruiting and talent acquisition space you will not find a better partner than Beau.”

Cheryl Poole
Head of Client Relationships, Americas
I now get excited when The Free Agent submits a candidate because I know it’s someone we’ll strongly consider for the position.

“Working with The Free Agent has been an excellent experience. They take time to understand your businesses, so they can identify candidates that not only deliver, but also align with your culture and business values. Unlike other firms we’ve worked with, The Free Agent screens and fully vets candidates before recommending them.”

Matt Cagle
VP of Operations, CompliancePoint
The Free Agent has helped us fill important roles across sales, delivery, technology, and leadership.

“We first engaged with The Free Agent about 2 years ago. They have established themselves as trusted advisors to our business and to me personally, often extending beyond talent placement to talking through strategic initiatives. I have interacted with many other firms in the space and The Free Agent is the best, I highly recommend them.

Rob Tate
SVP of Possible Now and CompliancePoint
Testimonial from a $1.5B technology company

The quality and candidate flow has been perfect and easy to manage.  Far better than anything I have ever received internally, good job.

– SVP of Operations

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Testimonial from a $1.5B technology company
I really enjoyed my conversation with [Free Agent] – he is fantastic. A lot of what he has done at [Current Company] directly aligns with what we are doing here – overhauling an old system + building and innovating.
– President of a $1.5B technology company
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