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How to Engage with an AGENCY

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Mastering Agency Engagement: A Comprehensive Approach

Navigating the intricacies of agency collaboration can be a daunting task. However, with the right approach, it can lead to a harmonious and fruitful partnership. Beau Billington of theFreeAgent sheds light on the essential steps to ensure a successful engagement with an agency. 

From the importance of quality over quantity in candidate submittals to the significance of open communication, this guide provides a roadmap to optimize your agency interactions. Embark on this journey to understand the nuances of agency engagement and make the most of your collaborations.

In today’s dynamic business environment, the role of agencies has become even more pivotal. Their expertise, network, and understanding of market trends can be the difference between success and stagnation. By fostering a relationship built on mutual respect, transparency, and shared goals, businesses can leverage the strengths of agencies to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. It’s not just about hiring the right agency, but also about nurturing that relationship to achieve shared success.



8 good steps when engaging with an agency


1. Limit Submittals

When engaging with an agency, it’s essential to focus on the quality of candidates rather than the quantity. If an agency is submitting more than three candidates for a single role, it might indicate that they haven’t thoroughly understood the job requirements or your company’s culture. By aiming for 1-2 strong candidates, you ensure a more targeted and efficient hiring process.


2. Delegate Calendar Management

The logistics of scheduling interviews, follow-ups, and negotiations can be time-consuming. By allowing the agency to manage these aspects, you can streamline the process. Agencies often have built trust with candidates, making them better positioned to handle negotiations and scheduling in a way that respects both the candidate’s and the company’s time.


3. Invest Time and Transparency

Building a strong relationship with the agency is crucial. By being available for intake sessions and being transparent about your company’s vision, culture, and leadership style, you enable the agency to find candidates that are a better fit for your organization.


4. Maintain Open Communication

Communication is the key to any successful partnership. Ensuring that you communicate openly and promptly with the agency helps them keep candidates in the loop. This not only enhances the candidate’s experience but also ensures that there are no gaps or misunderstandings in the hiring process.


5. Be Candid About Internal Challenges

Every organization has its challenges. By being open about these challenges, you allow the agency to find candidates who are not only qualified but also prepared to handle these challenges. This honesty ensures a better alignment between the candidate’s expectations and the reality of the role.


6. Prioritize Intake

Each hiring manager within your organization might have specific requirements for their teams. It’s essential that the agency understands these nuances. By prioritizing one-on-one intake sessions with each hiring manager, the agency can tailor their search more effectively.


7. Expedite Candidate Processing

The longer a candidate has to wait during the hiring process, the more likely they are to pursue other opportunities. By ensuring a swift process, you enhance the candidate’s experience and increase the likelihood of them accepting an offer. Additionally, providing clear insights about your company and leadership style during this process can set clear expectations for the candidate.


8. Foster a Collaborative Environment

Work closely with the agency to create a collaborative environment. Regularly schedule check-ins and strategy sessions to ensure both parties are aligned in their goals and approaches. This mutual understanding will lead to more efficient and effective candidate placements.

A successful partnership with an agency goes beyond just transactional interactions. By fostering a collaborative environment, you ensure that both parties are working towards the same goal. Regular check-ins and strategy sessions can help align strategies and expectations, leading to more successful placements in the long run.


Engaging with an agency requires a balance of trust, transparency, and timely communication. By following these best practices, you can ensure a successful partnership that benefits both parties.


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