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The Free Agent Exchange

Finding talent, human-style

Don’t depend on robots to choose your talent. They don’t know people. We do.

A.I. can only do so much

No Free Agent or Company is published on our platform until they have been personally vetted. You get real, qualified leaders to talk to. 

If you’re not hiring robots, why would you let robots choose who you hire?

Most talent databases perform little to no screening of its candidates, nor provide support and oversight to ensure ongoing value for its members.

Our Free Agent Exchange is designed to foster trusted relationships with both our candidates and clients.

How it works...

Once a candidate or company leader creates their initial, private profile, we have in-depth conversations with each exchange member on subjects such as:

We then follow through with our own legwork, part of our proven method to promote high-quality matches based on experience, goals, and cultural alignment. 

Next, the profile is published, and the new member can expand on their details and story.

We provide support along the way to help everyone craft their profile in a way that will encourage the best matches according to their goals, experience and style.

Members can reach out to one another for conversations, questions and mutual support, and enjoy exclusive content available only in the exchange. 

Free Agents

Join the platform at no charge. You will have the ability to review positions and interact with peers once vetted. 

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Join the platform and start sourcing executive consultants or inquire about our headhunting services. 

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