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Outsourced EVP of Sales- Fact or Fiction?

Outsourced EVP of Sales- Fact or Fiction? The answer to this question is simply, well, it depends…The gig economy is gaining steam with each passing day.  While its prevalence is rapidly growing and often felt, some disciplines are more primed for the gig economy than others. One such area in which we are seeing an uptick in activity is in the “Sales” realm.   Sales is a very broad term that can encompass a myriad of specialties, including; strategy, operations, execution, training, value prop discovery, prospecting, territory alignment, compensation creation, competitive intelligence, etc.… Below you will find a few questions concerning whether or not it may make sense for you to look at outsourcing some of your company’s sales function in order to harness the true power and purpose of the gig economy…

-Are you a small business trying to scale?

-Are you a founder that is skilled in a discipline other than sales, but finding yourself running the sales team for your business and not sure where to begin?

-Do you not have a verified and repeatable sales process in place?

-Are you turning over your sales people because they don’t seem engaged or are just not working out?

-Is your messaging and value prop not clear to everyone in your organization?

-Have you not identified your target customers, target market, or key buying signs?

-Are you struggling to forecast anticipated sales for current calendar year and/or future years?

-Have you had success engaging prospects, but struggle converting them to paying customers?

-Does your business continue to grow but you are too busy to effectively manage the entire process?

-Did you recently acquire another organization and are in need of a peer to help you amalgamate the sales teams/processes?

If you answered yes to all, a few, or even one, it may make sense to seek an expert’s council.  The beauty of the gig economy is the fact that you can outsource as much or as little of a function as you’d like. This is because the gig economy lends itself to maximizing flexibility, allowing you to determine how often you need the expertise and at what price point (e.g. Interim, Full-time, Fractional).  After all, EVP/CRO’s (acronym meaning Chief Revenue Officer) are very expensive and certainly not a silver bullet, nor needed by every company.  Our coaching, is to take an inventory of your current gaps and consider working with a company or individual in the gig economy that can provide the support needed to get your company back on track, versus just hiring a sales leader because that’s what you think you should do.

About the Free Agent- The Free Agent utilizes a vetted bench of battle-tested experts that work directly with companies in hyper-growth. Simply put, we provide the right strategic expertise at precisely the right time in order to accelerate results.  If you are interested in learning more, or joining our vetted and curated team, please do not hesitate to reach out:  We live and breathe the gig economy and are always interested in a dialogue.

Article by:
Beau Billington- the founder of the Free Agent, a consulting company immersed in the strategic-layer of the Gig Economy-

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