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How to make a Board Seat a Paid Engagement

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How to make Board Seat a Paid Engagement

How can I position myself for a board seat?” This is a question I often encounter. While some individuals effortlessly secure board positions due to their titles, seniority, or significant achievements (think Steve Jobs), what about the majority who have immense value to offer but lack the same level of recognition?


llustration of a person standing at a crossroads One path leads to a signboard reading 'Local Startups' while the other points to 'SMBs'


Here’s a roadmap for those looking to establish themselves


Value and Credibility

At the core, it’s about the value you bring to the table and your credibility in the industry. Building a track record is essential.


Start Local

Begin by targeting local incubators or leveraging your contact base. Look for opportunities to add value to startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Offer your expertise on a pro-bono basis initially.


Exchange Value for References

nstead of seeking monetary compensation or equity right away, offer your guidance in exchange for the ability to cite the company as a reference. This will help you build a portfolio of credible references.


Build Your Portfolio

As you accumulate references and establish credibility, you’ll be better positioned to attract paid opportunities. With the increasing trend of companies forming boards, now is the perfect time to start building your portfolio.


In conclusion, while not everyone has the immediate recognition of industry giants, with the right strategy and persistence, you can carve out your niche and secure a paid board seat. I’m eager to hear other strategies and insights on this topic. Let’s continue the conversation.


Beau Billington- the founder of the Free Agent, a consulting company immersed in the strategic-layer of the Gig Economy-


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